An After-School Program for children K to 10th grade

  • We offer a once-per-week after-school German language program for children K to 10th grade. No prior German knowledge is necessary.

  • We cater to a diverse and multicultural clientele and have neither religious nor political affiliation.

  • Our tuition is very affordable.

  • German-American School is the only German language after-school program accredited by the NY State Board of Regents since 1911.

  • Your child will graduate with a NY State Regents diploma, recognized by High Schools and NY State Colleges.

  • No German background? No problem. If you are interested in German culture and language – this is the place.

Better still, the German-American School is the only German language program accredited by the New York State Board of Regents.


Princeton Huang and his Love for German Cars

Or: How a student at German-American school got his article published in Germany. We should really say: “German is for not just for German” – because that is what this story is about: a story of an Asian child, his love for cars, and his desire to get to know the...

New Era Begins for German-American School in Ridgewood

December 2017: A NEW ERA BEGINS FOR GERMAN-AMERICAN SCHOOL IN RIDGEWOOD The question is: “Is the glass half full or half empty?” That is what German-American School is asking itself these days. After 50 years at 70-01 Freshpond Road, Ridgewood, NY, 11385 the Ridgewood...

Children and Parents Enjoy Steuben Day Parade

Steuben Day Parade in Manhattan Sept. 16, 2017 was a great day for a parade: parents and children participated in 60th annual Steuben Day Parade by sitting on the float of German-American School NY (and Long Island). The school, parents and their children,...

Welcome back to the new school year!

Welcome back to the new school year! All of us hope that it will be as successful as last year! 2016-2017 was a great year at our school: our graduating class received grades between 97 and 99! Three of our graduating students won prestigious scholarships (more about...

Linda Zimmerer Completes Advanced Placement German Exam With Distinction

Student Linda Zimmerer is currently 17 years old and a high school senior on Long Island. She began German classes in 2005 with Vorschule II and successfully completed the 8 year German after-school language curriculum in 2015 with FLACS (same as the NY State German...

Good News Again

August 17, 2017: Good news again German-American School is thrilled to announce that three of its graduates were the recipients of the 2017 Inaugural German-American Committee of Greater New York Scholarships. The German-American Committee of Greater New York awards...

How To Practice Your German When School is Not in Session

How To Practice Your German When School Is Not In Session One of the simplest methods — and one that we have recommended earlier — is to make use of all of the free educational sites on the internet. Parents can supervise their children as they go to to...

120th Graduation Ceremony

On June 21, 2017 German-American School NY had its 120th graduation for its 10th grade Regents class. (Yes, 120th – the school has taught German in its after-school German language program for children since 1897). The graduation took place at the popular...

Viel Spass im Sommer!

Viel Spass im Sommer! Congratulations to our 2017 Graduates and Medal Award Winners! See you in the Fall. A Visit at the German Consulate General in New York On April 11, 2016, Kai Tomzig, Vizekonsul for Cultural Affairs at the German Consulate in New York, hosted 18...

“After 3 years of attending the German-American School, Nzingha has become more than 90% fluent in German”

Chris Pollok

“My 3 children attended German-American School all the way through taking the FLAX exam. It was a wonderful experience for them”

Susan Neuwirth

“Thank you German-American School! We were a bit skeptical when we signed up our son for Kindergarten 9 years ago…but now he’s graduated and got a good NY FLAC exam grade”

Lisa K

Garden City

“German-American School might only be an after-school program, but it they run it like a real school”

Hans K

Garden City

“For under 2 hours per week following the regular school calendar, it doesn’t interfere with holidays and the tuition is so reasonable”

Happy Parent