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Welcome back to the new school year! All of us hope that it will be as successful as last year!

2016-2017 was a great year at our school: our graduating class received grades between 97 and 99!
Three of our graduating students won prestigious scholarships (more about that in the next post), one of our current students wrote an essay about why he is learning German and won a prize for that (more about that in the next post!) Why the “more about that later in the next post?” you ask? Well, in this message we want to focus on the fantastic achievements of our Advanced Placement class, – who took the AP exam May of 2017.

The students are: Michael Davide, Victoria Dunn, Harrison Ernst, Julia Heghes, Sofia Khalek, Veronica Rich, Linda Zimmerer, Nikolas Costello, Lindsay Ostroff, Mark Koch, Annie Serkes, Krista Gliszczynski, Katrina Gliszczynski, Victoria Manuel. Our grades were excellent: Two students got the highest scores, a five. Five students scored a four, another 4 students received a three and three students received a two.

One of the students who received a “two” took the placement exam at her university and was able to skip two years of German. The pictures show our AP class at our graduation ceremony at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant. Mrs. Waltraud Leitner is shown with her AP class. Everyone is all smiles – and with good reason! Mrs. Leitner demanded a lot of them and the students worked diligently– and all of our efforts (including the efforts and dedication of the student and their support systems) were worth it!

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AP class and Mrs. Leitner

Annie Serkes and Nikolas Costello as flagbearers

Linda Zimmerer, Annie Serkes, Victoria Manuel

Sofia Khalek, Ap student and scholarship winner