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A Kindergarten class is showing off their coloring skills while learning the words to the pictures they are coloring.

The question is: “Is the glass half full or half empty?” That is what German-American School is asking itself these days. After 50 years at 70-01 Freshpond Road, Ridgewood, NY, 11385 the Ridgewood location is being merged with the other three schools of German-American School Association. The few families that still had children at the Ridgewood location have been successfully migrated to the Manhattan and two Long Island locations of the school. Both children and parents are excited to be in their new surroundings in Manhattan and Long Island. The migration to our other locations was mandated by the changing demographics of the neighborhood and the fact that attendance in Ridgewood had dwindled down to 7 children by the Fall of 2017. We were particularly disheartened by the fact that even signs in Polish and Spanish, as well as German and English did not result in an increase in enrollment, which would have ensured the continuance of the school at the Ridgewood location.

German-American School Assn is a not-for-profit, once-a-week after-school German language program where children of all backgrounds can learn German. The school is sad that it had to close its Ridgewood location. And yet, at the same time, we are excited to continue offering the best in foreign language learning to our students, many of whom are as young as six. Thus, for our school, the glass is half full – we are optimistic that our students will enjoy their new surroundings, make new friends, and continue with their German-language education so that they can finish with the New York State Regents (FLAC) and, perhaps, even take our Advanced Placement courses. We are sad to leave the Ridgewood area, where we have roots and many friends.

Our office is now:
German-American School
Liederkranz Club, 6th floor,
6 East 87th Street
New York, NY 10128.

Our school in Manhattan is on East 77th Street., between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.

For those who want to know more please go to German-American-School.org or call us at 212 787 7543