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Classes & Curriculum

1st grade (ages 6-7)
We teach German as a foreign language, so no German is necessary for 1st grade.

2nd grade
Repetition and auditory learning. Printing, reading and pronunciation are stressed.

3rd grade
Continuation of 2nd grade. Vocabulary acquisition and basic grammar.

4th grade
Continuation of 3rd grade. Reading, speaking, and writing simple paragraphs.

5th grade
Continue paragraph writing, reading of texts, retelling stories and grammar.

6th grade
Continuation of 5th grade. Vocabulary acquisition, grammar, geography writing, oral communication skills

7th grade
Continuation of 6th grade. Geography, German culture and conversation.

8th & 9th grades
Report giving, grammar, culture, history, short stories and conversation.

10th grade (age 15-16)
Review of grammar, conversation, paragraph writing and exam preparations: and NY FLAC exam and AP

11th grade
Class in conversational and writing skills

12th grade
Advanced Placement exam for interested students. We also accept students from other schools into this class.

Mandatory Exams

After 10 years with the following mandatory and recognized exams:

  • REX (Regents Equivalency Exam, aka as FLAC exam) for credit in public High Schools.
  • After our 11th grade many of our students take Advanced Placement in German. The exam is useful for College.

Optional Exams; we encourage students to sign up for these exams at the end of our program – these are useful for Study Abroad:

  • “Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (Given by the Goethe Institute)
  • Advanced Placement German (possibility of receiving college credits if the grade is level 4 or 5). (Given by German-American School)
  • We encourage those who want to study in Germany to go on to B1/B2 or C1/C2 exam at the Goethe Institute or similar organization.

2023-24 Tuition

1st child: $ 950.00
2nd child: $ 900.00
3rd child: $ 850.00
4th child: $ 700.00

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