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GERMAN AMERICAN SCHOOL – What you Need to Know Before Registering

Manhattan: 65th Street between Lexington and Third. Mondays: 4:30-6:15.
Long Island (Garden City and Franklin Square): Stewart Avenue near Nassau Blvd train station. Tuesdays and Fridays.

Note 1: We can not give names/exact locations of our host schools because host schools do not allow unregistered individuals access to school premises.

Use your child’s age as a general guideline for placement:

  • Children who are six and have no prior knowledge of German would usually place into First grade.
  • Children who are older and speak some German can be placed into a higher grade.

Please phone (212) 787-7543 or email kidslearngerman@aol.com to discuss placement.

Note 2: We are an inclusive school and teach German as a foreign language. In the lower grades our instruction is bilingual – we use English to give instructions and explain. In the upper grades English is phased out. In the lower grades (1-4) we also teach children how to print letters and words, and how to read. Our classrooms provide a structured learning environment.

Classes: 1st and 2nd grades (age 7-8) other ages please call.
Kindergarten (age 5-6) is only offered in Garden City. We need 8 children in order to run this class.

Graduation: usually after 8 years. We finish with an exam equivalent to the NY State Regents. Then we offer a conversation only course (vocabulary-building). The last course is our AP-German preparatory course which prepares students to take an Advanced Placement exam in German.

If you are not sure about placement please contact the principal at kidslearngerman@aol.com and your email will be answered promptly.
Or, leave a message at (212) 787-7543.

Please send an email to kidslearngerman@aol.com to discuss your child’s needs and accurate placement. The principal will respond promptly. Or you can leave a message at 212 787 7543.

To Register: Print and complete the form and Mail registration to:

German American School
6 East 87th Street – 6th Floor
New York, NY 10128

Or email a PDF of the completed form to kidslearngerman@aol.com

Classes Forming

Tuition for the school year:

1st child: $ 1100.00
2nd child: $ 1000.00
3rd child: $ 900.00
4th child: $ 800.00

Tuition must be paid in full before the start of classes.