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Our daughter attended German-American School’s location in Garden City for 8 years. She took both the NY State Three Year Comprehensive Regents (FLAC) exam and the Advanced Placement exam in German. She applied to Stony Brook University where she took their placement exam. Due to her AP training she did well. So well in fact that she was placed in a 3rd year course, German Vocabulary. Her teacher thought that Victoria must have grown up in a German-speaking family to get such a high score on that exam. She told him it was through years of excellent teaching in German American School.

Victoria is enjoying her German Vocabulary course this semester. Thank you again for all of the hard work you put into your classes.

Dawn Manuel

After three years of attending the German American School, Nzingha has become more than 90% fluent in German.

Having visited Germany but never having lived there, this is a result she could only achieve thanks to an excellent curriculum, a fantastic, dedicated teaching staff, and caring leadership.

Chris Pollok

New York City

Our family is so happy that Celeste got a silver medal this year – she has worked so hard and we are proud that it finally paid off – thanks to all the teachers who prepared her so well (and Oma and Opa, who helped with pronunciation). We were really impressed with the turnout at graduation – all the medalists were there and the Advanced Placement class was honored as well.

German-American School might only be an after-school program, but they run it like a real school.

Hans K

Garden City

My 3 children attended German American school all the way through taking the FLAX exam. It was a wonderful experience for them and a warm and welcoming atmosphere especially being that we do not speak German at home. 3 years after my last daughter graduated, her high school wanted some paperwork from the school to show what classes she had taken. When I contacted The principal she was so helpful in getting what we needed. She sent us all the copies we needed in a timely manner.

The staff at German American School are fantastic people who do a great job educating the children. My family whole heartedly recommends it!

Thank you very much!

Susan Neuwirth

Thank you German-American School! We admit we were a bit skeptical when we signed up our son for Kindergarten (9 years ago). This is an after-school program, after all – but now he graduated and got a good NY FLAC exam grade, our High School is awarding HS credit. It wasn’t easy – especially in the upper grades- but we did it! If they have an Advanced Placement preparation next year we will sign him up for that. Great program! Not always easy!

Lisa K

Garden City